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Air Sial is a Pakistan originated Airline commenced by the Sialkot chamber of commerce and it started its operation domestically at the start of the year 2019. For the now, air Sial is running on domestic routes only and the officials of Air Sial having plan to expand its operation to Middle East Countries by utilizing three A-320 planes. Sial Air is having a license from Civil Aviation Authority and they got registration in 2017. The Airline has a capital expenditure of about PKR two billion that are approximate equals to twenty million USD.

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Domestic destinations of Air Sial

Air Sial is Pakistan is Airline and has newly established its business from Sialkot Pakistan. Sialkot is a very important industrial zone of Pakistan and a center of sports equipment production. Sports goods are exported to many countries of the world from Sialkot. Hence, it added a lot to the GDPA of the country. The start of Air Sial from the industrial hub means a lot. It gives easy access to the importer and exporters to visit the city. Moreover, due to a new induction of Airlines in the market will create competition. Competition factors in the market affect the quality as well as the price of the product. Therefore, by the inauguration of Air Sial, prices of Air tickets will come down and the quality of services by Airlines will improve.

Initially, Airline is running its operation domestically and links Sialkot with different cities of Pakistan. Air Sial has its main business hub in Sialkot while Jinnah International Airport is its secondary station. Its main domestic destinations are Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. It flies from Sialkot to all these three cities and back to Sialkot.

International destinations of Air Sial
Air Sial has launched its airline with the slogan of "the pride of the Pakistan". They have the mission of standing among major important airline of Pakistan. They are competing in the industry. In the beginning phase, they have their operation only inside Pakistan but they have a plan of extending their business to Middle East countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and Malaysia from Sialkot as well as from Karachi. Hopes are high that Air Sial will soon start its international operation and will get appreciation from its traveler. Air Sial will add a lot to the tourism industry of Pakistan by its affordable and comfortable flights.
Sial Air’s Main Hub Sialkot Airport
Air Sial is the greatest increment in the air industry of Pakistan and Air Sial is the fifth Airline that gets a license from aviation authorities to commence the business. Sialkot Airport has 54 weekly flights from national and international places. Sialkot Airport is the first Airport from where Pakistan get a connectionwith the Paris Charles De Gaulle through Barcelona El Prat Airport by PIA. The airline claims that it might give difficult competition to the distinctive domestic airlines in terms of the airfares and the high quality of services to the passengers. The airline is supported by the airport with superior centers and runway in Sialkot.The airport and additionally the airline is owned through the businesspersons and buyers of Sialkot who are placing a new precedent to develop themselves solely, without getting to depend upon the government for accomplishing their desires and successes.
Sial Air’s Cabin Crew
Air Sial raise with the mission of capturing air traveler of the country. Therefore, customer care is their preferred value. All staff members of Air Sial including cabin crew is very well trained and educated to full fill the needs of passengers in heights of thousand feet. The cabin crew is supportive, well-groomed and full of hospitality. Cabin crew serves passengers delightfully and enthusiastically. They care for the comfortability of their passengers.
Inflight Facilities by Air Sial
Whenever you plan a trip are you suddenly get the situation of traveling anywhere, the first question comes in mind about the restlessness and tiredness caused by travel. However, the time has changed and things have improved. Journeys have become an enjoyment instead of a tiring task. Air traveling added a lot in making travel a pleasant experience. A large distance can be covered in minutes without being exhausted. As time passed, airfares are also becoming affordable and easy to get. Airlines are investing a lot in inflight comfort and care of its travelers.

Air Sial is also working on inflight facilities and they are improving it day by day. They pay full attention to the passenger's comfort during the flight. Luggage and menu are also very competitive and you will feel awesome while flying in Air Sial.
Luggage Policy by Air Sial
Luggage is very important when one travels from one place to another. We need to carry some important daily use items with us. Luggage quantity depends upon our duration of stay in someplace. Luggage policies of Airlines are very important for travelers. Air Sial also has a luggage policy that is standard for air travelers. At the time of your booking, your travel agent will guide you about all related things including g luggage.
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