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Hassle free traveling is always a fun but risks associated with traveling may render the journey full of worries. With an appropriate travel insurance plan, you have an assurance about your health, luggage or other belongings. You may choose suitable package among Schengen states, Worldwide, Rest of World and student package according to your travel plan.

We are offering a selection of Insurance Packages for International traveling.

Your health and safety abroad and within Pakistan is our priority! We work with a travel insurance provider that guarantees safety and offer a range of travel insurance plans, 24/7 emergency assistance to travelers and excellent customer service.

*Insurance Partners*
1. United Insurance
2. Jubilee Insurance

Why Travel insurance?
People travel around the world for pleasure, study purposes and for exploring the world. Everyone wants his/her trip perfect and memorable. Uncertainty is everywhere, during travel you may suffer medical emergency and unexpected events like loss of passport, medical expenses and hospitalization abroad that disturb your trip financially. However if you have our travel insurance policy then you need not to worry, you will be compensated according to the policy terms and conditions.

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